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For general products and service questions, please call: 562-698-2400 x 148, Monday through Friday 8 AM ~ 5 PM Pacific Standard Time.

For BEARPAW customer service, please call: 626-285-9100

In order for us to better answer your questions, please select the appropriate destination below. Our goal is to respond to all of your questions and issues within 24 hours. Please submit your questions to the proper department. We will ensure that you do receive the fastest possible service. For answers on the most frequently asked questions, please visit our policies page.

Store Hours: Monday ~ Sunday, 7 Days a week, 10:00 AM ~ 8:00 PM

Credit Card Billing Information:

If you card is charged multiple times for one order, it is because your order was declined multiple times prior to the approval. Your bank will hold the declined funds for 2 ~ 3 business days before releasing those funds. We do not take the money out of your account. Please contact your bank to see that the charges will show "pending"

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